We might have to wait longer for Khali Cartel 3.

Khaligraph Jones has been cooking up Khali Cartel 3 since the official announcement on August 20th, but the project seems to be taking longer than usual to drop.

One thing that continues to put the OG Khaligraph Jones at the pinnacle of the rap game with massive mainstream success, is his consistency and willingness to share his platform with all rappers, both upcoming and established.

The Khali Cartel Series

For two consecutive years, the award-winning rapper has treated local hip hop fans to the popular Khali Cartel series,  which features upcoming and well-known rap acts popping in the rap game.

The first installment of the series featured Span K.O.B, Petra, Don Jowiz and the late Sagini (R.I.P). The project was a huge success and has mastered over 750K views on YouTube to date. 

The second installment of the series was even more popular and is considered a masterpiece by many hip hop fans. The OG featured some of the fiercest MC’s in the industry Steph Kapella, Twenny Eights, Timmy Blanco, Katapilla and Petra.

Interestingly, the song which dropped on Dec 16, 2018, has also mastered over 750K views on YouTube just like Khali Cartel 1. 

The high octane bars and barbs, present in Khali Cartel 2 prompted responses like AD Family’s Shrap Gang Cypher. Confirmation of its effect on the game.

Khali Cartel 3

On August 20th, 2019 Khaligraph Jones announced the continuation of the popular series via his Instagram account to the amusement of his fans. 

Papa Jones has since been teasing the song, occasionally sharing snippets of studio sessions with featured rappers.

The Nairobi report can confidently confirm that Bey T, Reckless, Chiwawa, Breeder LW and Okside will appear on Khali Cartel 3.

We spoke to a featured rapper who confirmed the song is complete, but we might have to wait longer for its release as the OG is currently working on the video. Amidst other projects. 

‘‘Ngoma ishakamilika, tunangoja OG atushow dates za ku shoot video, ndio song ita drop but at the moment ako busy sana na projects kibao but ngoma itakua moto’’ 

Our source also revealed some of the featured acts had to redo their verses to make the cut. ”Kuna rappers ilibidi wa re do verses, si unajua venya OG ni thorough kwa hiyo story, maybe pia ina changia delay’’

Khaligraph Jones is among the few mainstream rappers in Kenya who has gone out of the way way to share the spotlight with upcoming rappers, giving them a break into the mainstream, without charging a dime. 

A spot on the Khali Cartel series has the same effect as a feature on XXL’s Freshman list. Many upcoming acts would do anything to be featured on the  Motif the don produced masterpiece.

Octopizzo had a similar concept with 2017’s Tergat Gang featuring Barak Jacuzzi and Boutrous, which also did well mastering over 480K views on YouTube to date. Sadly fans haven’t seen any follow up from the number nane rapper.

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