US rapper Machine Gun Kelly reveals he grew up in Kenya.

American rapper, Colson Baker popularly known as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has revealed he was raised in Kenya.

In an interview with GQ where the rapper goes undercover to find out what the internet says of him, he visited a Wikipedia page that stated he grew up traveling and had once lived in Egypt and Germany.

“Baker and his family moved all around the world and took up residence abroad from Egypt to Germany,” It read.

Affirming Wikipedia’s statement, the rapper cum actor responded by saying, “True. Egypt and Kenya and then Germany for a bit, then I came to the United States. Apparently speaking Arabic to everyone.”

The hilarious six-minute clip involves the Bad Things hit-maker coming up with a user name and joining all popular social media sites to answer anyone with a question about him.

Fun fact, MGK doesn’t like smiling so when he does smile, he covers his mouth.

One of the websites he visited was IMDb, where an article on the website described his rap as a fire-lyrical-flow which he agreed with but pointed out that he hates when people try to describe him.

“I hate people trying to describe me. It is so annoying,” he said.

Eminem feud

A feud has been brewing up between MGK and rapper Eminem after Kelly’s rap game was compared to Eminem by a fan, which did not sit well with him.

As a result, MGK released a song; ‘Rap Devil’ meant to diss Eminem’s fans for comparing him to the rapper.

15-time Grammy Winner Eminem responded to MGK’s diss with ‘Not Alike,’ hence the beef.

During a recent interview with an American media station, MGK mentioned that the only way their beef is going to be squashed is if they are put in the same song.

“Put us on a track, see who comes harder,” he said.

Source: SDE

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