The burial site of freedom hero Dedan Kimathi finally identified

Remains of Kenyan Liberation Leader, Dedan Kimathi, Believed to have been found after 62 years.

The remains and burial site of Dedan Kimathi, the Kenyan freedom hero who led the Mau Mau Uprising against British colonial rule, have reportedly been identified after a 62-year search.

Kimathi, the military and spiritual leader of the Kenyan Land and Freedom Army (also known as the Mau Mau), was captured by British colonial forces in 1956 and executed the following year by hanging.

He is considered a revolutionary hero of the colonial struggle by many Kenyans, who have advocated for the government to locate his remains since his death. His gravesite was located at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, according to a statement shared online from the Dedan Kimathi Foundation.

The news has been trending on Twitter, with several Kenyans celebrating the development and pushing for a proper burial for the revolutionary, using the hashtag #KimathisGraveIdentified.

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