Is Zuchu biting Tanasha Donna’s style?

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery but music fans now believe Tanzanian singer Zuchu is taking it too far due to her obsession with Tanasha Donna

Just last month hawk-eyed netizens discovered that she was rocking wardrobe items similar to ones donned by Tanasha Donna during her stay in Tanzania.

It has now emerged that there’s some similarity between Zuchu’s latest song Cheche and Ride which Tanasha Donna released earlier this year.

On Tuesday, the mother of one uploaded a video that showed her singing along to the part that was lifted from Ride, a clear indication that she was not pleased with the move.

In the song, there is a part where she says, “yo te quiero tanteee”, which simply means “I love you” in Spanish. Interestingly, Zuchu’s song with Diamond has the same line which has now become the bone of contention.

Music lovers were also quick to note that there beats and instrumentation for both songs were also similar and wondered why they would to that to Tanasha.

Tanasha Donna and Jamal Gadaffi

Tanasha’s manager Jamal Gaddafi also weighed in and blasted the Tanzanian artists for lacking originality and copying the former’s signature style.

“Siku zote kitu ORIGINAL kina stand out kuliko COPY. Yo te quero tante, for your love asante @khaligraph_jones 🔥,” he wrote.

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