Tanasha Donna’s photo causes heated debate between Jalang’o and Kamene Goro (Video)

A photo that had been posted by fast-rising singer and model Tanasha Donna was the subject of a debate between Jalang’o and his co-host Kamene Goro on Thursday, September 17.

The photo which was posted on Tanasha’s Instagram page on Wednesday went viral because her titillating legs left men drooling over her.

Jalang’o and Kamene Goro

Jalang’o was not left behind as he admitted during the breakfast show that he hosts with Kamene that the Gere singer had a killer legs.

However, Kamene was quick to remind him that he had a wife at home and he should not be thirsting over other women.

“Unajua ukona wife Jalas haufai kufanya vitu ka hizo,” she told him.

Tanasha Donna

But Jalang’o was quick to defend himself and said that there was nothing wrong with appreciating something that is good

Understandably, Kamene had told him because she had not seen the photo. When Jalang’o passed his phone and showed it to her, she was also taken aback.

Watch the video below.

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