Stunning Release! Fena bundles new album with branded headphones

Fena Gitu released branded headphones for her new album ‘Unleashed’ The headphones come loaded with an SD card containing all her music.

Buying an album isn’t just buying an album anymore. Even if you go the classic method and buy an album on vinyl or CD, most artists these days have some sort of promotional tie-in to sweeten the deal.

Fena Gitu took the merch game to a new level after releasing branded headphones preloaded with music from her new album ‘unleashed’ 

The headphones are designed and produced by Pace, a Kenyan tech brand owned by entrepreneur Jblessing. Pace designs and makes various tech gadgets.

Nobody Buys Music Anymore, Merchandise Bundles Are the Future

Artistes have always been releasing merchandise whenever they drop new projects but lately, the gimmicks are becoming more intricate, especially in the hip-hop world.

Popular merchandise includes T-shirts, Hoodies, Lighters, Headphones, Caps and other assorted items.   

Artists are bundling merchandise with their albums for the sake of brand awareness and chart position.

The popularity of streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and even YouTube, means the people who actually buy albums are becoming fewer and fewer.

To get their music out there, artists have become innovative and are doing things like tying their records with merchandise to boost sales.

No matter how many paradigm shifts the music industry goes through, merchandise will always be popular. People are always going to buy T-shirts Hoodies and any notable releases from their favorite artists.

The merchandise bundle is more than just a fun way to connect with fans. It’s also a good way for artists to recoup their losses from streaming services. Because these services most of the time underpay them for the number of streams their songs rack up.

Buddha Blaze applauded Fena’s move terming it futuristic.

‘‘Meanwhile I went to Fena Gitu album launch last Saturday and we bought the album on her branded headphones with a fully loaded SD card containing all her music. This is the future’’ He wrote on his Facebook page.

In 2016 Sauti Sol’s introduced Limited Editions of their album ‘Live and Die in Afrika’ in a leather pouch wrapped in a Kitenga insert.

This packaging could be kept as memorabilia or used as a multi-purpose pouch.

Additionally, the leather pouch was embedded with, a unique code that gave access to exclusive content on sauti-sol.com.

Check out the Fena’s headphones


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