Sarah Wairimu excluded from Tob Cohen’s vast estate.

The widow of slain Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen, did not receive anything from his vast estate according to the will that was opened on Friday.

Tob Cohen’s property is estimated to be worth Sh700 million and includes the Kitisuru home, cash, and shareholding of his companies all left to his sister Gabriel Van Straten and his brother Bernard Cohen’s two children.

Sarah Wairimu who failed to attend the reading of the will on Friday, saying it had been ‘severely compromised’ was left out in the will that was written in April following a divorce case filed in court.

Cohen has left 50 percent of his estate to his sister Gabriel and the other 50 percent was split into half for his brother Bernard’s two children (Cohen’s niece and nephew).

His bank account balance one which had Sh100 million was left to his sister while and the other with Sh50 million was left to his brother.

Wairimu’s lawyer Philip Murgor said he will move to court to contest the will.

On Thursday, he wrote to Kirundi & Co Advocates who are the custodians of the will said the will had already been compromised.

He said the Star had published a story early this week relating to the said will.

Lawyer Chege Kirundi of Kirundi and Co Advocate refuted claims that the will was tampered with as Mr. Murgor had alleged.

On the matter of rushing to open the will even before Cohen was buried, Mr. Chege said after the postmortem a lawyer is free to open the will.

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