Netflix’s raunchy movie ‘365 DNI’ to get a Sequel

The horniest movie of 2020 looks set to have a follow up after that cliffhanger of an ending. 365 DNI or 365 Days was one hell of a ride and it seems like we'll get more in the next year or two.

The movie is based off a book and there is a second one with which to make a sequel. Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who played Laura, said in an Instagram video that they hope to start production next year.

“Not this year, because because of the pandemic we will not be able to go abroad to shoot [it],” Sieklucka explained, via OneT Film.

“You must be patient and wait. Probably it will be until next year. We do not know exactly when we will be able to start.”

The movie essentially follows Polish business executive Laura, who goes on a holiday with her problematic boyfriend in Italy and ends up being confronted by a far more problematic gangster named Massimo.

He tells her that he is destined to be with her because he had a vision of her face when his father was shot in front of him. So he does the next logical thing by kidnapping her and giving her 365 days to fall in love with him.

The movie really pushes the boundaries of consent (actually, it crosses that line several times) and is a pretty uncomfortable watch at points. However, it’s gained an army of fans for being unbelievably sexual.

Viewers reckon it puts the likes of 50 Shades of Grey to shame with its raunchy, graphic, sometimes lengthy sex scenes that occur on a boat, in a hotel room and a variety of other places.

However, some also thought the movie establishes a dangerous atmosphere.

One person wrote: “Okay, given that 365 DNI may have the hottest and sexiest characters leading the movie – the plot is pretty f**ked-up. It romanticises harassment (which is so messy, btw), there’s Stockholm syndrome (which is a mental condition from which a victim falls in love with her abductor AND SHOULD NOT BE NORMALISED).

“Sure – the sex scenes are great and very intimate. but all of these happened after few sexual harassment and uncomfortable scenarios. I MEAN – STOP COMPARING IT TO FSOG. Clearly, fsog stated that grey was under a mental instability – AND MASSIMO WAS NEVER CONSIDERED PROBLEMATIC IN THE FILM!!! DESPITE HIS ANGER ISSUES.”

On top of all that, there’s also the fact it has an unimpressive IMDb rating of 3.7.

So basically if you’re not too bothered about the story and you just wanna see pretty people make sexy time, then this could be just the ticket for you.

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