Mejja drops his first solo project of 2022, “Usiniharibie Mood.”

The song is a feel good tune, produced by Mavo on the beat and visuals conceptualized by Dream Big Pictures.

Mejja Genge dropped new music complete with visuals titled “Usiniharibie Mood” on February 1, 2022, and Nairobians are happy.

Mtoto wa Khadija, or Okwonkwo, as he is popularly known, has been responsible for a bevy of chart-topping hits since 2020. As a matter of fact, any song featuring Mejja is guaranteed a spot on the trending list and at least a million views.

If the Kenyan music industry was the premier league, then Mejja is Pogba with the assists.

Sticking to his modus operandi, Mejja has definitely secured another hit with “Usiniharibie Mood”.

The song is a feel-good tune, produced by Mavo on the beat and visuals conceptualized by Dream Big Pictures.

In the tune, Mejja seemingly warns detractors or haters not to spoil his mood as things are looking up for him. In his typical comical style, Mejja raps.

“Oooh please, usiniharibie mood. Leo naskia tu fiti, leo staki umtiti.

The lyrics haven’t changed that much; they are exactly what you would expect from a Mejja song. The story-telling, however, is superb. The singer takes fans through various scenarios that impact his current euphoric mood.

I just got paid. I just got laid. I am happy. Nime reconcile na Bae. Jana kalikua kamenuka, vitu zake alikua, ame pack. Manze nilikua nimeshtuka, lakini Leo bibi ame relax!

The video doesn’t look pricey, but it gets the job done. The shots add meaning to the storyline, which is complemented by comical skits and superb choreography by backup dancers.

If you are experiencing a rough time, “Usiniharibie Mood” can be a perfect way to uplift your spirits. Mavo’s bouncy production guarantees the song will be in heavy rotation on dance floors all over the country.

The jam currently sits at 439K views on Youtube in just two days.

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TNR gives the song an 8/10 rating. What are your thoughts?

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