Laughing to the ‘Bank’ with Boutross and Barak Jacuzzi.

Shrap God Boutross Munene is set to launch his anticipated mixtape ‘6ixviewsii8k’ on the 9th of November 2019 at Deepwest Lounge.

A mainstream-acceptable rapper like Boutross doesn’t come around that often. As the art of rap continues to get pushed further down in favor of melodic crooning, it’s a marvel to see and hear a rapper who can still deliver actual bars.

Gifted with a unique style and versatility, Boutross is a breath of fresh air in the Kenyan rap scene.

The ‘Shrapper’ teamed up with Barak Jacuzzi for his latest hit ‘Bank’ off his incoming ‘6ixviewsii8k’ mixtape.

Bank produced by Oriedo opens with Boutross shrappin in palpable energy – All of my N***S want bank’ This whole song is about getting money and switching up.

In the track, Boutross affirms to us his only focus is getting the bag – in braggy sheng induced bars – marinated with signature ad-libs.

The ‘Wasoro’ hitmaker effortlessly threads the needle between commercial accessibility and credibility, with his penchant for quippy lyrics and apparent cognizance of everything around him.

His guest Barak Jacuzzi came through with a fiery verse adding Mo juice to the magic. The usual subject matter revolving around money, sex and drip.

Much like any millennial rapper coming up during the turn of the decade, Boutros’s early projects started as underground delights but have quickly morphed into mainstream success.

Critics will say he’s reaching for crossover clout but in fact, Bank sounds smoother and more authentic than tracks where he’s a registered flex offender.

If you rock with Boutross (Which you should) he’ll be launching his anticipated mixtape ‘6ixviewsii8k’ on the 9th of November 2019 at the Deepwest lounge.

The event will be star-studded with appearances by Nameless, Kristoff, Barak Jacuzzi, Boondocks Gang, Wakadinali, Shappaman, Virusi Mbaya, Karun, Asum Garvey and many more. (see press and posters for details)

FYI! tickets are selling out like crazy! Grab yours now for 300Bob only on

‘6ixviewsii8k’ is a 24 track masterpiece, but you’ll receive 6 bonus songs adding up to 30 if you pre-order the tape.

The tape is affordably priced at KES 1000/- giving you maximum value for money.

Get more details on how you can pre-order ‘6ixviewsii8k’ on ADF Music’s social media handles.

With this level of creativity and consistency, Sharp God’s time is now! Long story short: get used to him bursting your speakers.

Check out the Bank Music video

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