Krg claps back at Sailors Gang after they name dropped him in their latest track (Video)

Moneyed Kenyan singer Karuga Kimani, known to you and I as Krg The Don, wasn’t amused after Wamlambez hitmakers Sailors Gang decided to take a swipe at him in their latest track dubbed Chepukati.

In the new jam, there’s a part where Lexxy Yung, one of the members of the group, says, “Krg uliskia wapi dinga, tunadai ship hamna mzinga.”

Krg The Don

The line was in response to an earlier interview that the dancehall star had done where he faulted Sailors Gang for their horrible attitude, adding that it would take them 5 years to own a car.

“They disturbed me. We did not even manage to shoot the video. All of them are dunderheads except Miracle Baby and  Qoqosjuma.

Take it from me, you will not go anywhere. Actually, for you guys to own a car, it take you like five years of your career. I have said it,” Krg stated.

Sailors Gang

As such, it’s easy to understand why their decision to mention him in their song did not sit well with him. In a video that is doing rounds on social media, Krg told off Sailors and told them to respect their elders if they want to make it.

“Ukitaka kuomoka, piga kazi na uheshimu maboss. Nilsikia kwa hiyo wimbo yenyu mpya mlisema mnataka meli, meli gani na mnaishi kwa vumbi? Mtaendesha meli kwa vumbi?” Krg posed.

Here is the video:

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