Co-Worker Brutally Stabs Female Staffer to Death at Kitengela Chicken Inn

Chicken Inn Staff in Kitengela Stabs Colleague to Death in Suspected Crime of Passion

A tragedy occurred at a Chicken Inn outlet in Kitengela on Friday night when a male staff member stabbed his colleague to death.

Witnesses stated that the man, who was not on duty, stormed the restaurant around 8:30 pm and stabbed the woman multiple times with a knife.

The Motive

Though the motive is not clear yet, police suspect a possible love triangle. “We have launched investigations into the incident. So far we are suspecting the lady was stabbed because of a love triangle,” an officer told NairobiReport.

The suspect tried to flee the scene after the fatal stabbing, but a group of onlookers chased and caught up with him. They beat him up before the police intervened and rescued him from the mob. The suspect, who sustained severe injuries from the attack, was rushed to Kitengela Sub County Hospital under police watch.

Colleagues of the two believe that they were dating.

Some of the colleagues claimed that the man attacked the woman after finding out that she was cheating on him. The suspect sustained major injuries from the mob and was rescued by police under their watch.

The lady, aged 22, died after being stabbed by the man believed to be her lover. They were both staffers at a Chicken Inn outlet in Kitengela town.

The body was moved to the mortuary pending investigation as the scene was closed for cleaning.

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