Kiss FM’s Andrew Kibe calls out fake friends who deserted him after NRG lawsuit.

Kibe revealed that fake friends deserted him for the time he was not on air. The Kiss FM presenter revealed this on Monday September 9th when he finally debuted on Kiss FM.

Andrew Kibe and his co-presenter Kamene Goro were slapped with a lawsuit when they quit NRG Radio to join Radio Africa group’s Kiss FM.

NRG Radio management moved to industrial court to sue Kibe and Kamene for violating the non-compete clause in their contract. NRG sought a court injunction to block the two presenters from going on air at Kiss FM for at least three months.

Kibe and Kamene quit NRG Radio in mid this year to join Kiss FM, they were supposed to go on air on July 1st but the lawsuit prevented them from debuting on Kiss FM.

The two presenters were off air for three long months, from mid June to September 9th 2019 when they finally made their debut on Kiss FM.

Some people thought Kamene and Kibe were unemployed during the three-month hiatus because of they were not heard on radio.

Kibe said fake friends gave him a wide berth thinking he would be a bother to them since he ‘didn’t have a job’. The Kiss FM presenter further said that the fake friends resurfaced after he went on air at Kiss FM.

A distraught Andrew Kibe called out his fake friends while he was on air on Monday, he said that the fake friends should do him a favor and just lose his phone number.

“People thought I was jobless. They ran away from me three months ago. Now is when you want to come back? Just because you think I am at Kiss I am now successful? Lose my number!!” said Andrew

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