Khaligraph Jones fires shots at HBR and DJ Pinye.

Khaligraph Jones took a swipe at 103.5 Homeboyz Radio after they released a contentious top 50 Kenyan hip hop list.

In his bullish style, the OG took a dig at Homeboyz Radio in a fiery verse off the incoming Khali Cartel 3. 

The station’s list of TOP 50 greatest rappers of all time(Kenya) generated heated debate both online and offline. Majority of hip hop fans dismissed it as comical and a PR gimmick. 

Khaligraph jones arguably the best rapper in Africa was placed at position 25 on the list, to the bemusement of his fans.

‘‘HBR nangoja mnipigie simu mniambie pole, iyo top 50 mlitoa in onesha vizuri hamukufika ata College.  Ju ka si Khali ndio number one inaonyesha venye mume dharau jina’’ The rapper can be heard sparring on the track’’

In the video posted on his Instagram account, the award-winning rapper also took shots at DJ Pinye, who allegedly blackballed him, when he was an upcoming rapper.

‘‘Before nianze rap apa kenya kulikua na shortage ya skill, hakua na talent. Akina Pinye wali murder industry, wakifanya ikue barren. Wakasema nisi roge na ngoso sababu sijatoka Karen, but fcuk nigga guess sahii nani anatoa wimbo na clarence’’

Khaligraph Jones is known to agonize haters and competitors with his fiery lyrical jabs in many verses of his popular songs. 

Check out the video snippet below.

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