Elsa Majimbo launches ‘The Alphabet’ NFT Collection

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are secured blockchain-based records that represent pieces of digital media and are bought with cryptocurrency.

After her global conquest of the entertainment and fashion world, Kenya’s viral sensation Elsa Majimbo has joined the NFT bandwagon. 

Elsa Majibo and her team announced their first NFT collection dubbed ‘The Alphabet’ now live on Crypto.com. This  move makes the comedian part of a growing list of global A-list celebrities who have thrown their weight behind  the NFT crypto Art craze. 

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are secured blockchain-based records that represent pieces of digital media and are bought with cryptocurrency. This surprisingly lucrative market has caught the attention of many celebrities, who actually started launching their own NFTs in various shapes and forms (images, videos, GIFs, tweets, songs, and more).

Elsa’s Alphabet collection brings to life the building blocks of our stories.. The first set will contain 26-character animation, and the first three drops will have eight characters, namely O, H, D, L, S, A, E, Y. Anyone who ends up with NFT characters – ELSA will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a special and exclusive Maison Valentino x Alphabet book for Kids & Adults.

 Alphabet is the first collection to bring word games to the NFT space, allowing collectors to create words, play word games and win prizes. The launch of the second phase of the collection will include the $ LPHA token as a framework for future The Alphabet Universe utilities, while stage three will see the launch of AlphaBattle, the first NFT word game..

 Alphabet’s illustrator, Teeming said, “I’m so glad I finally got the job done. Like many people in this space, I grew up online – and now, as an artist, I am very happy to see the evolution of digital ownership and the impact this has on our online culture. I hope you all like  the Alphabet Universe ‘ It has been a  true passion project.

On her part Elsa Majibo said  “i’m so excited to bring our letters to life with this nft release; when we wrote the original book, i knew that amazing things would come from it,” 

The NFT craze is steadily picking up steam in Kenya, just last week January 24th legendary Genge rapper and entrepreneur Nonini Mgenge true also launched his own NFT collection dubbed the ‘SHOEDAWG’ on sale at 0.02 Eth. 

In a post on his twitter account Nonini shared that ‘’#Mgenge2ru Shoe Dawg #NFT is a unique art work about being 2ru to the self. It’s about walking the walk & knowing that good shoes take you to good places, from literal to mental perspective.’’

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