Huddah Monroe expresses interest in Nairobi Women Rep seat.

Huddah is the latest A list celebrity to declare their political ambitions. The beauty mogul has shown interest in running for Nairobi County Women Rep seat in the 2022 elections.

With a penchant for attention and widespread name recognition, celebrities have a unique advantage in politics, where simply getting noticed is the first step toward winning a political campaign.

Jaguar, Prezzo, Ringtone, Frasha and recently Kriss Darling are among notable celebrities who used their superstar status to jump-start their political careers.

Huddah recently shared her campaign poster for the Nairobi  Women Rep seat on Instagram and captioned  Hashtag……..#YOUTHCAN! ->> #WHYNOT? #EveryBodyEats 💯.  Nani atanishika mkono? Ama Nipigie Baba Magoti? Sijui nililie Sonko ? Ama Nilambez Mr Kenyatta? Nikona maswali! Lakini Cha Muhimu ni nyinyi Wazalendo . Mnishikilie, Niwashikilie! TUSHIKAMANE!!!.

(Inserts unnecessary KITENDAWILI) (Hakuna kisicho badali – There is nothing that cannot be replaced.)

Judging from her post it is difficult to tell whether Huddah is serious about joining politics or feigning, but In case she decides to run, she can be a force to reckon with, given her appeal, huge following, and business acumen.

Most of her followers responded positively to her post, encouraging her to give it a shot, only catch is she’d be forced to give up her flashy lifestyle and other things she’s best known for like her obsessive twerking syndrome.

Kenyans seem to have a soft spot for celebrities who venture into politics, currently, singers, comedians, actors, and prominent business persons occupy seats in the national assembly and other key govt positions. Past and present occupants of the Nairobi Women Rep seat Rachel Shebesh and Esther Passaris are also celebrities in their own right.

Because they have such large platforms and can be so influential, do you think celebrities should join politics? Or is it more responsible for them to focus on their areas and leave politics to those with more policy experience and knowledge? Would you vote for Huddah as your women rep? Let us know in the comment section.

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