Gospel singer Papa Dennis reveals why he dropped out of school at a young age.

Dennis Mwangi popularly known as Papa Dennis is among musicians who come from a humble background. The gospel singer did all sort of menial jobs just to survive.

Papa Dennis is currently one of the richest musicians in Kenya. He is known for his flamboyance, shooting expensive music videos in ritzy locations abroad.

The gospel star has been the talk of the nation a couple of times thanks to his lavish lifestyle that many Kenyans can only dream of.

But Papa Dennis’ life has not been all about flamboyance throughout. The gospel singer has been through a tough experience while growing up.

He dropped out of school at a young age following the death of his parents and was forced to do menial jobs to support his younger siblings.

Papa Dennis dropped a new song dubbed ‘Wabebe’ which sheds light on his tough childhood. He revealed that he has been a hawker for the better part of his life.

“Wabebe song is just a prayer. It talks about orphans and the challenges they face and also the hardships we go through every day including those behind bars.

I used to sell charcoal. Hawk groundnuts in bus terminus, plough for 10 bob, was employed as a cattle herder, and also used to harvest maize and got paid Kshs 15 per sack,” said Papa Dennis in an interview with Mpasho.

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