Fans accuse Bahati for trying to surf King Kaka’s ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ wave

Kenyans on twitter called out gospel star Bahati after he weighed in on King Kaka’s rubble rousing hit ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ Irate fans termed Bahati’s move to share the song as hypocritical given that he actively endorsed the current administration.

King Kaka’s latest song ‘Wajinga Nyini’ broke the internet on Saturday, igniting a fierce debate on the current state of the Nation. 

In the spoken word masterpiece, King Kaka calls out the political establishment for their hypocrisy, Nepotism, and Corruption which threaten to bring down the Kenyan economy.

The song also castigated the general public for practicing tribalism and allowing to be used by the political class to further their selfish interests.


The song broke the internet for the better part of the day, raising mixed reactions on its content and delivery.

A majority of online users louded King Kaka’s move of speaking truth to power and using his music to address key societal issues.

Some fans did not feel the song and took to twitter to warn King Kaka that prominent persons mentioned in his bars might sue for defamation. 

Popular celebrities who reacted to the Song Include Robert Alai Boniface Mwangi, Ezekiel Mutua, Bahati, Churchill and Miguna Miguna

Bahati who shared the song on his twitter account with the caption ‘A voice sent by God’ received the full wrath of KOT who accused him of hypocrisy and clout chasing.

Bahati previously endorsed the current regime and even performed in a number of their political rallies. This according to KOT is enough evidence that the singer cum Reality TV star is pro-establishment.

Luckily King Kaka came to Bahati’s defense and urged his fans to go easy on the singer. He posted  ‘‘ Whatever Bahati did in the past. Let the prodigal Son feast. Karibu Bro’’

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