Eric Omondi makes dramatic u-turn about break up with Chantal

Eric Omondi dropped a bombshell on many last week when he revealed that he and his ex, Chantal Graziano still spoke on a daily basis.

Talking to Dr. Ofweneke, the former Churchill show comedian explained that he doesn’t miss the Italian beau because they talk on the phone every day.

He went on to call her during the show to prove his words.

“I don’t miss Chantal because I talk to Chantal. Yeah every single day. Let’s call Chantal I hope she’s on,” said Eric.In May, Eric Omondi raised eyebrows among his followers, after he wrote a message suggesting that he had parted ways with his longtime girlfriend Chantal Grazioli.

But it seems that the facts might have changed as the comedian is now stating that they are still together.

In a recent interview, Omondi disclosed that he didn’t break-up with Chantal, but instead, she went back to school. He added that she (Chantal) will be in the country for the Christmas Holiday.

“Me and Chantal we never broke up in the first place if you read what I wrote and what she wrote. She was going to school and also to do some other things. So we have not broken up and we are not on a break and we are not separated. So we never broke-up and she is coming for Christmas by the way, so mngoje akikuja mtauliza hizo maswali zingine,” said Eric Omondi.

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