DJ Pierra Makena emerges as the most influential secular DJ on instagram.

DJ Pierra has been ranked as the most influential secular disk jockey in Kenya ahead of well established industry's heavyweights.

In a list that comprised of top 20 secular DJs, Pierra is the only female DJ on that list. And interestingly she is at the very top. Pierra came top with 372k followers, DJ Joe Mfalme ranked second with 363k followers while DJ Creme De La Creme came third with 286k followers.

Other popular mix masters who made the cut on top 1o most influential secular DJs include; DJ Kriss Darlin, DJ Kalonje, DJ Kaytrix, DJ Tibz, DJ 2one2, DJ Kym Nickdee and DJ Hypnotiq.

Pierra Makena was elated on finding out that she is the most influential secular disk jockey in Kenya way ahead of her male counterparts.

Pierra came a long way to be a dominant force in the industry, she is the pioneer female DJ in Kenya and has faced numerous challenges scaling the heights of male-dominated industry.

Taking to Instagram to thank her fans for following her, DJ Pierra wrote;

“Thankyou Fam!!!! We did it!!!! I appreciate you so much…. #BEYOU #DJMOM #Godgotme,” wrote a thrilled DJ Pierra.

Overall, DJ Mo is the most followed Kenyan DJ on Instagram. The gospel DJ boasts of 1.2 million Instagram followers, almost quadruple Pierra Makena’s followers.

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