DJ Mo’s daughter Ladasha belle IG account with over 300K followers hacked.

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 are the most followed celebrity couple in Kenya, they jointly boast of 2.6 million followers - with the latter having 1.2 million followers and the former having 1.4 million followers.

Their daughter Ladasha belle Wambo had over 300K followers on Instagram before her account @ladashabelle was hacked. The hacker deleted the account.

DJ Mo, Size 8 and their daughter earn from promoting brands on their social media accounts. The celebrity couple also used their daughter’s Instagram account as a photo album.

“Apart from earning from the page, as parents, we wanted the page to be her album where we can store photos for our daughter,” said DJ Mo during an interview with Star.

“IG account is nothing. The good thing is there is nothing major they can do with it so long as they have deleted everything,” said DJ Mo.

The gospel mix master plans to open a new Instagram account for his daughter, he explained that he will always open social media accounts for his future children because they will benefit from it in the long- run.

“Even when our second-born comes, we will open a page for them because I don’t see any difference in opening a page for your child and posting them on your page. My daughter is too much in entertainment by the things she does and so we know the page will be useful to her by the time she is 18,” said DJ Mo.

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