Confidence boost for King Kaka as Grand Mulla pledges legal support

SC Ahmednasir Abdulahi has pledged to offer King Kaka legal support for speaking truth to power incase persons mentioned on his anti establishment song ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ decide sue.

It has been an interesting twenty-four hours for King Kaka’s rabble-rousing hit ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’  which fans are already calling Song of the Decade.

The spoken word masterpiece has ruffled feathers and ignited a fierce debate on the current state of affairs in the nation and the role each and every one of us plays in it.

Through tactfully crafted bars King Kaka addressed a myriad of societal issues like corruption, Bad Governance Tribalism and Nepotism without mincing words and leaving out names.

The song generated a lot of heat both online and offline to the extent that  King Kaka sent out a tweet seeking for ‘protection’ He posted. ”At this rate I think I need protection. If worse comes to worse mkuje police station”


It is alleged that King Kaka received threats from an unnamed government official, but the rapper has not confirmed or denied the allegations.

Bloggers Robert Alai and Abraham Mutai confidently tweeted that the rapper has not received threats from any quarters and might be capitalizing on the buzz do drive more numbers.


At some point during the day, King Kaka even tweeted that he was about to take down the song but did not proceed with  the move

In his reaction to the song, SC Ahmednasir Abdullahi applauded King Kaka for speaking truth to power and pledged to offer legal support in case a need arises.


King Kaka was also forced to clarify that he did not endorse the current regime in the 2017 election widely speculated and was only running a promo to promote his song MR 254.

The manner in which the public has reacted to the song is enough evidence of the power of music, and how it can be used to address societal ills and promote national ethos. 


The song is doing crazy numbers and is currently trending number one on youtube with 500K views in just 24 hours.

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