Barak Jacuzzi amuses fans as he finally reveals his government names

Many public figures, both local and foreign, prefer to use pseudonyms to protect their privacy, have a unique identity and make their names sound better.

Barak Jacuzzi

As such, sometimes it’s really hard to know the real names of most celebrities unless someone puts them on the spot and forces them to say it. This explains why fans are always astounded when they know their birth names.

Case in point is fast-rising Kenyan rapper Barak Jacuzzi who recently revealed his real name when during a TV interview to the amusement of his fans.

The Less Stress hitmaker was a guest on Chatspot, which airs on Ebru TV, when he was put to task by the hosts to reveal his government name.

Barak Jacuzzi

At first, he was hesitant but he later gave into their demands and divulged that  his birth name is actually Baraka Njuguna.

Apparently, he was an events host in his teenage years in the US and during one of the functions, a random girl walked up to him and called him Jacuzzi because she could not say Njuguna and that is how he ended up with the name.

His fans as well as the hosts were in utter disbelief when he revealed his name, because to be honest, who would have thought he goes by the name Njuguna?

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