Anita Nderu’s latest revelation about her sexuality shocks Kenyans

Renowned media personality Anita Nderu has become the talk of the town after making a revelation about her sexuality on Thursday, September 17.

Anita Nderu

Taking to Twitter, the 30-year-old media personality raised questions after stating that she hopes her children never go through, what she has been through for being LGBTQ.

I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ,” Anita wrote.

Her post left her fans with more questions than answers because it appeared like she was coming out of the closet.

Anita Nderu with DJ Sunaman
Anita Nderu

Interestingly, Anita Nderu is known to have a boyfriend, actually a fiance, by the name DJ Sunaman.

Those who commented on the post had mixed reactions. While some wondered how she got children seeing as she is attracted to women, others castigated her for being into her own gender yet there are many men.

It’s not the first time that Anita is on people’s lips because of sexuality-related issues. Two months ago, she left a bad taste in people’s mouths after two of her gay friends went overboard during a cooking show that she hosted.

Anita Nderu


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