6 Reasons Why it is Important to Hire a Music Manager

Musicians at the early stages of their career should consider getting an artist or music manager somewhere down the line, especially if they truly want to get a firm foothold in the industry. It’s tough building a career in music – there’s a lot of work to do.

It’s rare or rather uncommon to find an artist who doesn’t fully comprehend the significance of a music manager. As an artist, getting the ideal manager can have a great impact on your career as they can make or break you. 

It is extremely important to make Kenyan artists understand the importance of an ideal music manager as one will be tied to them for some time or even forever in some cases. Since a music manager will be involved in making many crucial decisions in an artist’s career, it is, therefore, key to understand why hiring one is fundamental, have a look. 


  1. Gaining exposure


A music manager has a primary role of helping an artist gain exposure. Since they have the experience and contacts, a manager can leverage on that to help you as an artist land gigs, positive reviews, recording deals, and expose you to the right target audience. Gaining exposure as an artist stretches as far as your music managers’ experience and networking goes, so its key to have a manager who has been building his/her network for years. 


2. Keeping you on track


My advice to many upcoming independent artists who want to hire a music manager has always been to set career goals. You need to know what you want when you want it and a timeframe. While focusing on creating music and entertaining your fans, it is possible to easily get distracted from the bigger picture; your goals. A music manager will in this case help keep you on track and ensure that your goals are achieved in the set timeframe. 


3. Music managers understand the industry better


By being in the game for quite some time, music managers know how to navigate the murky musical waters hence best suited to deal with who is who in the music industry than an artist himself/herself. Your manager can deal with partners, media, and even record executives professionally for a positive mutual purpose; your success as an artist.


4. More time to focus on your craft


Being an artist without a manager means you’ll be juggling many activities within your career which might make you lose focus on the actual craft, music. With a manager, an artist can focus on refining his/her music while the manager does the rest from logistics, connections, and general management. With less work their way, an artist can actually spend more time making better music. 


5. Boost Credibility 


Having a music manager has never been a necessity but having one can go a long way in boosting your credibility in the industry. Having somebody in your team with experience in music management creates an air of professionalism and credibility especially when going for interviews or even meeting with record labels or sponsors/partners.


6. Overseeing your career advancement


A music manager has a responsibility to effectively push your career as an artist to higher levels and beyond. A manager’s connections profile and strive to nurture an artist can make advancing to higher levels very likely. By polishing an artists’ image, helping them find a perfect record label, and helping create a good name for them within the industry, an artist can rapidly excel. 

A quick takeaway from this piece is that having a music manager will significantly simplify your life as an artist and you will have more time to focus on your craft.

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