Rekles drops stunning visuals for new jam ‘Deep Down’ (Video)

Rekles, one of the 4 members of Gengetone hitmakers Ethic, has released a new solo track titled ‘Deep Down’ and fans can’t get enough of it.


The jam is currently at 130,000 views on YouTube three days after it was released. To add to that, it has also generated positive reviews from critics

If you are a fan of Ethic, like yours truly, then I am sure you are always looking forward to Rekles’ verse because his lyrical prowess is out of this world.

If you thought that he relies on the group mates to bring out the best in him then you are wrong, this guy has the unique ability to make random words rhyme in very unusual ways.

ReklesListening to Rekles wordplay quite fascinating. Chances are you’ll be there listening to him while scratching your head and trying to make sense of it all.

The beat for Deep Down was mastered by none other than Motif Di Don and if you know this lad, then you know he does not play when it comes to music production. His work is impeccable.

The video is also dope. Although the concept is quite simple since it just involved one indoor location, the video director really outdid himself as the execution is above par. The styling, lighting and scene transitioning were also dope.

Watch Deep Down below and tell us what you think.

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